Friday, January 1, 2010

Linfort Familytrees

(names in grey are no longer with us)
(m) = married, (m/d) = divorced, (w/) = unmarried
(T) in front of the name = twins

The Bradley Family
  • Rodney Bradley, (m) Kim (Berry) Bradley
    • Louisa Bradley
    • Meghan Bradley

The Burke Family
  •  Frank Burke, (m) Debby (Anderson) Burke
    • Nathalie Burke
    • Eliot Burke

The Conners-Donovan Family
  • Patrick Conners, (m) Lynn (Doole) Conners
    • Brenda (Conners), (m) Miles Donovan
    • Sonya Conners

The Hagan Family 
  • Jackson Hagan, (m) Donna (Cain) Hagan
    • Jeremy Hagan, (w/) Allison Miller
    • Crystal Hagan

The Larson Family
  • Noah, (m) Cindy (Leery) Larson
    • Derek Lason, (m) Dana (Kane) Larson
    • Gavin Larson

The Miller Family
  • Unknown
    • (T) Allison Miller, (w/) Jeremy Hagan
    • (T) Andrew Miller, (w/) Noelle Moreau

The Moreau Family
  • RaphaĆ«l, (m) Savannah (Smith) Moreau
    • Celeste Moreau
    • Noelle Moreau, (w/) Andrew Miller

The Norwood Family
  • Chad Norwood, (m) Sylvia (Daze) Norwood
    • Graham Norwood
    • Malcolm Norwood

The Reynolds Family
  •  Dave Reynolds, (m) Chloe (Thorne) Reynolds
    • Liam Reynolds
    • Neil Reynolds

The Roberts Family
  • Diana Roberts
    • Mitchell Roberts

The Wilson Family
  • Oscar Wilson, (m) Annabel (Moore) Wilson
    •  Sarah Wilson, (w/) John Green

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