Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wilson 1

Sarah Wilson - 10 Apple Avenue, Linfort

Sarah Wilson 

Sarah Wilson moved to Linfort after both her parents died in a car accicent. Before moving to Linfort Sarah was a true workaholic who spend most of her time at the office. After the death of her parents, She decided to turn her life around and quit her job.

Sarah's house in Linfort

With the money she got from the heritage, Sarah was able to buy a large piece of land and build a small house on it. She's growing her own fruits and vegetables in the garden. She sells a part of the harvest as well as paintings she makes when she's not in her garden, to have an income.

Sarah with her cat, Blossom

Sarah left everything behind when she moved to Linfort. Everything but her parents' cat, Blossom. Sarah always loved cats, but didn't think it would have been right to get one when she was never at home. Her parents had Blossom for a couple of months before they died, and Sarah just couldn't leave her behind.

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