Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reynolds-Roberts 1

Liam Reynolds and Mitchell Roberts - 31 Mill Street, Linfort
Liam and Mitchell in 2016

Liam and Mitchell moved to Linfort because of Liam's job as a police officer. Liam was promoted to detective and transferred to Linfort so that the Linfort Police Department would be able to have an office. Liam's best friend, and famous author, Mitchell decided to move along with Liam to find new inspriration for his books.

Mitchell's house in Linfort

Mitchell was raised by his mother, and never knew his father. A few years ago his mother died of cancer, but she was able to see her son publish his first detective. After his first book (about Marcel Minus), the rest followed quickly. Thanks to his succes Mitchell was able to buy a house in Linfort.
When Liam and his brother, Neil, were old enough their parents decided to take a trip around the world. So when Liam was offered the place in Linfort, there was nothing holding him back and so he left.

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