Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hagan-Moreau 1

Celeste Moreau and Crystal Hagan - 46 Debut Road, Linfort
Celeste and Crystal in 2016

Celeste and Crytal have been best friend as long as they can remember. They basically moved to Linfort because both their siblings moved here already.
Crystal is an aspiring actress, she has done some minor rolls and is hoping that those will get her the bigger ones.
Celeste is a teacher, since there's no school in Linfort just yet, she has to travel back and forth, but she likes the peace and quiet she finds in Linfort.

Celeste and Crystal's house in Linfort

Crystal's mother took off when she was only a baby. Her father didn't cope very well being left alone with 2 young children, and so Crytal and her bother (Jeremy) spend most of their time at the neighbor's house, the Moreau family. When Crystal was 6 years old, and the Moreau family took both kids in and raised them as their own.
Celeste and her sister Noelle had a pretty nice childhood, they found good friends in the neighbor's kids, Jeremy and Crystal, who later became part of the family.

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