Saturday, January 1, 2011

Larson 1

Dana and Derek Larson - 41 Debut Road, Linfort
Dana and Derek in 2016

Dana and Derek met in 2010 when the caterer where Dana was working was asked to host an event at the military base where Derek was stationed at the time. Even though they were both in a relationship at the time, it didn't take them long to get together. Both are very bussy with their jobs, and Derek isn't home that much, but they make it work. Dana and Derek got married in 2013, but because of their busy jobs, they feel like they haven't spend a lot of time together. And so they decided to take things a little bit slower and to move to Linfort.

The Larson house in Linfort

Dana doesn't know anything about her family. She went from fosterhome to fosterhome when she was a kid, and moved out on her own when she was old enough.
Derek's father is in the military as well, and still goes where the military tells him to. Derek has a younger brother, Gavin, who despite being raised in a militay-household had no interest to join.

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