Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hagan-Miller 1

Jeremy Hagan and Allison Miller - 45 Debut Road, Linfort
Jeremy and Allison in 2016
Allison and Jeremy moved to Linfort because Allison wants to open a clinic when she finishes medical school. They figured it would be best to start in a small town.
Jeremy is a photographer who plans to open his own photostudio in Linfort, just like Allison, he plans to start small, but he has bigger dreams.
The couple has been engaged since 2014, but haven't set a date yet, and don't seem to be in a hurry to do so.

Allison and Jeremy's house in Linfort

Allison and her twin-brother, Andrew, were left at an orphanage when they were only 3 years old, unfortunatly for them they were never adopted, but they were able to stay together.
Jeremy's mom took off a few months after his sister, Crystal, was born, leaving her 2 kids behind. Their father never gotten over her departure, and started drinking. Jeremy and Crytal spend more time with the neighbors (the Moreau family) than at their own house. When their father died when Jeremy was 12 and Crystal was 6, the neighbors took both kids in.
Allison and Jeremy have quite a large dept because of medical school, but still they managed to buy a small house in Linfort.

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